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Both were greeted by young, loving parents who welcomed their first-born sons into their joyful hearts and homes; blissfully unaware of a


The first little family lived in the Midwest where it soon became clear that their precious child was not the healthy boy they had hoped for. Frequent, raging fevers and a failure to thrive baffled their trusted pediatrician in rural Missouri.

Finally, after two unbearably anxious years, the curly, golden-haired boy of their dreams was diagnosed and the cause of his illness was surgically repaired.

They enjoyed the next two years of Tristan’s improved health, feeling relieved to know, at last, what was wrong with their only child. But, their joy was always overshadowed by the specialist’s prediction that within 24 months he would need dialysis.

The damage to his kidneys had begun before birth and was now IRREVERSIBLE.


end stage kidney failure from a serious infection and the too-long undetected urethra blockage.

The story of the other child, also from the Midwest, begins in the same troubling way. Days spent being miserably ill, repeated clinic visits and finally a week-long hospital stay that led to the diagnosis of the same rare condition. Only one in 8,000 little boys are born with posterior urethral valves, and less than 70% survive.

His adoring parents were heartbroken, but having been given no other options, they accepted his shocking prognosis and carefully followed the protocols given by their trusted physician. As his kidney function rapidly deteriorated, his mother


She lovingly cared for her precious son at home. Hating the tiny cause of such devastation, she prayed he would live to the required age of twelve, when a life saving transplant would give her baby a much more normal life.

His father sang him to sleep each night, grieving the lack of growth, the pain he was powerless to stop, and the future he feared would never happen.

Always in the back of their minds lived the awful reality that few children tolerate eight years of dialysis.


Meanwhile, the golden-haired boy moved with his parents to the northwest where he grew up without dialysis, spending carefree days swimming in the creek and playing make-believe among the towering pines.

Tristan’s thriving imagination matched his now thriving, young body. His mothers’ once sorrow-filled heart overflowed with joy as she watched his pale, thin frame transform into a strong, energetic boy. The gift of a care-free childhood


The walls to his fathers’ usual guarded heart crumbled and tears welled in his eyes as he reviewed his son’s latest lab report. His wife’s tireless research into the world of herbal remedies had been worth every sleepless night and every devoured page of ancient herbal guides and modern clinical studies.

He pressed the proof of her efforts close to his heart and breathed the first of many prayers of deep gratitude.

Their son’s kidney function had rebounded; from almost none to 90%—well above a life-sustaining level!

As is the love between any parent and child, both boys’ mother and father would have sacrificed it all for the health and well-being of their precious sons.

Each followed their heart to do what seemed best. One path led to a normal life for a little boy and the other—sadly—did not.


The difference was in the power of natural healing. While one mother placed her faith and the life of her precious child in the hands of modern medicine alone, the golden-haired boy’s mom desperately explored other options.

Tristan’s’ mom found hope and a new life for her son in the golden, liquid gifts from nature’s offerings, tapping into them in a serious way. She found the courage to pursue the path less followed;


to do for her son what modern science could not, saving him from years of misery and pain.

The journey awakened a passion in her for natural medicine and for inspiring others to explore nature’s treasury when faced with health challenges—regardless of the prognosis.

Her gentle Amish upbringing and the true wisdom gained from many years dedicated to studying plants and their amazing life-changing benefits are translated in the pages of a Mothers Guide to Herbal Extracts: Saving Tristan. 

In this warm, engaging and straightforward narrative you will be inspired to courageously stand up to the health threats you or a loved one face and


Chances are they exist and can be found in natures’ amazing offerings. You don’t have to forge a path on your own, or travel this path alone.

Don’t miss this guide to the path less traveled!

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"...her struggle and triumph along with the Mountain Meadow Herbs story
is a must read. I encourage you to stop what you are doing
and experience this unusual journey!"
~Dr. Lance Wallnau

" I started reading Saving Tristan the day I got it.
I couldn't put it down, finished reading it that day."

"This is a very inspiring book! She inspires us to take some personal responsibility for our own health. To look for the solution for health problems you or your loved ones have.
Their doctor told them ... "Mrs. Garber, he (their 4 your old son) has about two percent of his kidney function left. He cannot survive much longer without dialysis and he is too young for a transplant...I'm sorry, even if it was my own son it would be time. We will take him into surgery in the morning....I have seen a few miracles." The author states "Modern medicine was doing its best to help my first born and only child. As I looked into his precious pale little face, my stomach tightened. Dialysis for the next eight years would drastically change his life and I questioned his ability to survive to the required age of twelve for transplant." "Studying the use of herbs and nutrition became my new passion driven by the need to save my son." Her miracle was herbs not dialysis.
Get the book (costs only postage), read the book, see if you can improve your health. The author is not "feeding her ego", but inspiring others to look for solutions to health problems. 10 stars!" - Confirmed Customer

"Everyone with health problems who want to use natural healing herbal methods needs this book! Easy to read and clear and concise. Wonderful true story and inspiring to all!" - Confirmed Customer 

"This book is a godsend. I liked how the author told in detail the situation that came up for each herbal remedy. That kinda gives you a hands on feel about how to prepare and use the remedies. I would suggest everyone has a copy in their home." - Confirmed Customer

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